100 Words

35. Treasure or Not

A six-gun sherif from a one-horse town wakes from a week-long coma in a stolen car with a wrong number in his head and a roll of film in his vest pocket. He suspects that the tattooed madman in the back seat is mocking him, making idiot faces in the rear-view mirror. He is curious about the tattered manila envelope on the seat next to him: is it the treasure map he’s been promised? He’s missed the turn-off again, and he discovers that he doesn’t know what day it is, not that it matters. Not that any of it matters.

3 thoughts on “100 Words

  1. The first sentence of this is awesome. It pulled me right in and got me invested. I’d like more about a six-gun sheriff from a one-horse town. How’d he end up in a coma? Why doesn’t he care? What happens with the tattooed madman? Satisfyingly unsatisfying.

    I like that you’re doing the 100 words microfiction challenge. It’s difficult to write a whole story in such a short space. Your dedication to this has made me decide to nominate you for the Liebster Award. Best of luck, and keep writing my friend.


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